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5 Ways for Busy Professionals to Work in a Workout

5 Ways for Busy Professionals to Work in a Workout

Most people are aware that working in an office—or just remaining stationary for long periods of time every day—can significantly erode one’s health.
In fact, working in an office can promote weight gain because of all the sitting and unhealthy snack sharing.
Also, sitting in an office chair can cause lower back pain, and over time, it can increase stress on the back, shoulders, and arms, eventually causing posture decline.
How can you stay healthy and fit and reduce your chances of facing negative health effects from sitting for too long in your office?
One way is to stay active. Most people will say they don’t have time to exercise as much as they’d like, but if you’re creative, you can work in a workout more often than you’d think.
1. Stretch. 
Most of us learned how to stretch in gym class or on a sports team during adolescence, but few of us continue this habit into adulthood.
Stretching is not only effective for warming up to exercise but also is a healthy habit in and of itself.
Stretching increases blood flow and boosts energy.
It promotes flexibility to help prevent that pesky back pain that can come from sitting in a chair for too long.
Stretching can also reduce stress and risk of injury and falls.
Best of all, it only takes a few minutes. Try stretching to help you wake up in the morning or during a break at the office.
2. Use Your Lunch Break.
Most people have an hour lunch break. While you may need to go out to eat with your coworkers and network, try bringing a bag lunch every once in a while and setting aside twenty or thirty minutes of your lunch hour to take a jog or do some body weight exercises.  
This will help strengthen your heart, help you lose weight, increase your energy level and can even make you feel more optimistic. It’s a great midday activity that can even help you brainstorm and reduce the risk of eyestrain from staring at a computer all day.
3. Get a standing desk or a treadmill desk.
Especially if you don’t work in an area where it’s safe or practical to take a walk outside, you might want to look into purchasing a treadmill desk or a standing desk. Treadmill desks, as the name implies, allow you to actually walk on a treadmill while you type on the computer, make phone calls, or whatever else you do at your desk. That’s a great option if you can afford it or if you can convince your boss to pay for it. A standing desk is a cheaper option. Often they look cool and take up less space than a traditional desk. What’s not to like? Also, they come with chairs. So if you get tired of standing, you can turn your standing desk temporarily back into a regular desk. 
4. Get Off Your Butt and Sign up.
Most people are more likely to follow through with a workout plan if two things are involved: their money and an activity they actually enjoy. Do you hate running? No problem. Don’t go running. Try lifting weights instead, to build stamina and strength. Try signing up for a weekly yoga, crossfit, lifting, swimming, karate, or rock rock climbing class. You’ll either do something you enjoy or learn a new skill, which is way more fun than running around (especially if you hate it). It’s only an hour per week, and you’re much, much more likely to follow through with the plan if you paid for the class. Nobody likes to waste money. And plus if your activity brings you to the gym, you might feel like continuing the workout after the activity, or it may simply inspire you to exercise more so you can improve in your newly acquired craft.
5. Do the little things everyday.
Taking the stairs instead of the elevator may not seem like a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but choices and actions form habits little by little. Learn to like black coffee instead of that mocha frappe that’s more like a milkshake than coffee. Walk to work instead of taking the bus. Walk the dog instead of making your kid do it every time. Spend the day exploring the city or a museum instead of watching TV all day. You get the idea. Making a healthy, active choice here and there may be all you have time for, and that’s OK. It can make a huge difference over time when it comes to your health and well-being. You’ve got to start somewhere. Get ready to reap the rewards of a healthier lifestyle. You’ll feel better and will probably even produce better work. Today is always a good day to start.

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