100% Natural Earth-Grown Health Formulas
100% Natural Earth-Grown Health Formulas

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Great Sleep Great Life

Great Sleep Great Life

Have insomnia?



If you are like me and millions of other Americans you have trouble either falling asleep or staying sleep. Me personally I have trouble staying asleep. Not getting enough sleep can have a huge negative impact on your life and most of us forget how important that is.



I am a mother of two little girls, married for almost 10 years and it all can be super demanding. I was constantly up at night starring at my ceiling fan and thinking of all the things that I didn't get done and things I could have handled better with my kids.



Should I not have yelled at my little one because she wanted me to retie her sneaker for the 10th time because she didn't like how the tie looked, while we were waiting for her bus to come?



Should I have just let it go when my daughter didn't want to wear blue for spirit day?



Should I have just let my girls continue to play with their dolls for ten more minutes even though I had told them they had to clean up?



Did I put the clothes that I had to wash three times because I kept forgetting about them, in the dryer?



Did I send the check out for the mortgage?



Did I give my dog that was dying of old age her medication after dinner?



Not getting enough sleep wasn't just affecting me but it was affecting my family too. I was always losing my patience, losing my mind and over eating because I was upset with how I would react and because I was just plain tired. 


I tried Melatonin, Magnesium, Valerian Root and rubbed Lavender essentials on me before bed. I was desperate and just wanted to find something that would work. That it was I can across Dinosaur Nutrition's Eveluna! 


 Eveluna has really helped me get a good night’s rest! It is the perfect blend of herbs, that work! It has made me more patient, focused with everyday things and has stopped my racing thoughts at night. My husband has noticed a huge change in my mood and honestly I think my kids have too. 


Along with exercise and good nutrition an adequate amount of sleep is essential for a great life!

How important is sleep to you?

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