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Unwanted Side Effects of Poor Digestion... and How to Prevent Them

Unwanted Side Effects of Poor Digestion... and How to Prevent Them

Unwanted Side Effects of Poor Digestion... and How to Prevent Them

5 Ways to Support Optimal Digestive Health


Enzymes are proteins your body produces in order to break down the food you eat as part of the digestive process. While enzymes are produced in the stomach and small intestines as well, it is the pancreas that produces some of the most powerful enzymes that are able to break down fat, carbohydrates, and proteins.

When your body in unable to properly break down the foods that you eat, it can lead to some unpleasant side effects, both short-term and over time. Cramps, bloating, excessive gas, and diarrhea can all be signs of poor digestive function. If you have persistent or severe digestive issues, it is best to see your healthcare professional to rule out more serious problems. However, common digestive issues can often be improved with some simple lifestyle changes.

Here are five ways to support a healthy digestive system over time. Remember, consistency and progress are more important than perfection when it comes to lifestyle changes!


  1. Eat the rainbow

No, we don’t mean a certain colorful candy... we mean focusing on eating a wide range of colorful fruits and veggies daily. Most experts recommend consuming between 5-7 servings a day! Using fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables can be a great way to get a good variety of colors onto your plate and keep from getting stuck in a rut of the same few choices.


  1. Choose whole foods when possible

A whole food is simply that... a food that you purchase as a single, whole ingredient. This naturally cuts back on processed foods that contain gut-damaging additives, and gives you the benefit of controlling the ingredients that go into your body. Aim to make one or two whole-food swaps at a time in order to create sustainable habits.


  1. Limit processed sugar

Processed sugar comes in a lot of different forms, with a lot of different names! Sugar, sucralose, corn syrup... take some time to learn how added sugar can be labeled, and start reading ingredient lists before purchasing your groceries.


  1. Eat food rich in probiotics

While probiotics do not directly break down food like enzymes do, they make up the “good bacteria” that live in your gut and promote healthy digestion. Fermented foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, and kombucha contain lots of natural probiotics.


  1. Pick a quality enzyme supplement

To support your digestive system as it breaks down food, you can add a high-quality enzyme supplement. Enzymia Natural Nutrient Breakdown Formula can help harness the full nutritional value of what you consume by promoting optimal digestion and nutrient absorption. 


Supporting healthy digestion will pay off in the long run as you avoid the side effects of a poorly functioning digestive system. Focusing on fresh, colorful, whole foods can build a foundation for a healthy gut. Making sure to eat plenty of food that have natural probiotics will supply you with good bacteria and flora. Adding a quality enzyme supplement like Enzymia Natural Nutrient Breakdown Formula can take all your efforts to the next level by promoting optimal digestion!


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