Pure Antarctic Krill Oil
Pure Antarctic Krill Oil
Pure Antarctic Krill Oil
Pure Antarctic Krill Oil

Pure Antarctic Krill Oil

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Krill Oil is really an amazing gift from nature.

The more you learn about this amazing natural compound, the more it will interest you. It's no surprise that Krill Oil is exploding in popularity recently. Krill Oil boasts hundreds of benefits that traditional Fish Oil can't compete with.

It has powerful effects on a wide range of health issues - like lowering Chloresterol, helping joint pain and arthritis, improving cognition and memory, and boosting vision.

It also has a 60% better absorption rate than Fish Oil, meaning you get more for your money.

Best of all? Krill Oil doesn't undergo any harsh chemical processing like most commercial Fish Oils do. That means it goes right from nature to your body, with no stops along the way.

Oh, and have you ever wondered exactly *where* most commercial Fish Oils come from?

From our sadly polluted and overfished oceans (which we are helping to clean up with our Clean Oceans initiative). These spots can be contaminated with commercial runoff, industrial waste, oil spills, chemicals, and all kinds of nasty things. Plus, overfishing can wreck fish populations- it really puts a massive strain on the beautiful ocean ecosystem.

But not our Krill Oil. It’s sustainably harvested from the pristine, crystal clear waters of the Antarctic Ocean. No gross chemicals, or industrial solvents here. Just pure, natural Omega 3’s and phospholipids.

Speaking of which, did you know that your brain is made up of over 60% phospholipids by weight? They’re basically brain food, and really important to memory, cognition, thought process, and emotional wellbeing. Our Krill Oil is chock full of phospholipids, fatty acids, DHA, EPA, phosphatidylserine, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and more. And Astaxanthin, only found in Krill Oil, is over 48 times more effective than Fish Oil. Pretty cool, right?

And it’s really good for your body too. Krill Oil protects joints, helps alleviate the inflammation associated with arthritis, and is great for your skin and nails.

Try it now, and experience the amazing effects for yourself!




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